TitleStream volume segmentation of grid-less flow simulation. (In Book)
inTopological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications (Proc. of TopoInVis 2009)
Author(s) Harald Obermaier, Jörg Kuhnert, Martin Hering-Bertram, Hans Hagen
Keyword(s)stream volume; moving least squares; mesh-free; segmentation; topology
Year 2011
Abstract We present a novel algorithm for the geometric extraction of stream volume segmentation for visualization of grid-less flow simula- tions. Our goal is the segmentation of different paths through a mixing tube where the flow is represented by scattered point sets approximated with moving least squares. The key challenges are the watertight con- struction of boundary representations from separatrices. These are ob- tained by integrating and intersecting stream surfaces starting at sep- aration and attachment lines at boundaries of flow obstacles. A major challenge is the robust integration of stream lines at boundaries with no-slip condition such that closed volume segments are obtained. Our re- sults show the segmentation of volumes taking consistent paths through a mixing tube with six partitioning blades. Slicing these volumes provides valuable insight into the quality of the mixing process.