TitleSciDAC Visualizatiopn and Analytics Center for Enabling Technology (In Proceedings)
inSciDAC 2007
Author(s) Wes Bethel, Chris Johnson, Ken Joy, Sean Ahern, Valerio Pascucci, Hank Childs, Jonathan Cohen, Mark A. Duchaineau, Bernd Hamann, Charles D. Hansen, Daniel E. Laney, Peter Lindstrom, Jeremy S Meredith, George Ostrouchov, Steven Parker, Claudio T. Silva, Allen Sanderson, Xavier Tricoche
Editor(s) David Keyes
Keyword(s)Visualization, SciDAC
Year 2007
LocationBoston MA
SeriesJournal of Physics Conference Series
Abstract The Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET) focuses on leveraging scientific visualization and analytics software technology as an enabling technology for increasing scientific productivity and insight. Advanced in computational technology have resulted in an ``information big bang,'' which in turn has created a significant data understanding challenge. This challenge is widely acknowledged to be one of the primary bottlenecks in contemporary science. The vision of VACET is to adapt, extend, create when necessary, and deploy visual data analysis solutions that are responsive to the needs of DoE's computational and experimental scientists. Our center is engineered to be directly responsive to those needs and to deliver solutions for use in DoE's large open computing facilities. The research and development directly target data understanding problems provided by our scientific application stakeholders. FACET draws from a diverse set of visualization technology ranging from production quality applications and application frameworks to state-of-the-art algorithms for visualization, analysis , analytics, data manipulation, and data management.