TitleSound Tracing: Rendering Listener Specific Acoustic Room Properties (Article)
inProceedings of EuroVis '08
Author(s) Jens Bellmann, Frank Michel, Eduard Deines, Martin Bertram, Jan Mohring, Hans Hagen
Year 2008
LocationEindhoven, NL
DateMay 26-28, 2008
Abstract We present an acoustic rendering approach visualizing the listener-specific contribution of frequency-dependent pressure fields on a scene geometry with acoustic reflection and scattering properties. Our method facilitates the evaluation of simulated acoustics showing the effect of variants in the simulation method that are difficult to localize with acoustic auralization methods. The core contribution is a pressure-based acoustic rendering equation and a corresponding raytracing method applying techniques from photorealistic rendering to the field of simulated room acoustics. Applications are directed at the visualization of interference patterns and analyzing the impact of modifications in the underlying simulation method such as the use of scattering coefficients.