TitleSmooth, Volume-Accurate Material Interface Reconstruction (Article)
inIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Author(s) John C. Anderson, Christoph Garth, Mark A. Duchaineau, Ken Joy
Keyword(s)Material interface reconstruction, volume fractions, embedded boundary, active interfaces, segmentation
Year October 2010
Abstract A new material interface reconstruction method for volume fraction data is presented. Our method is comprised of two components: first, we generate initial interface topology; then, using a combination of smoothing and volumetric forces within an active interface model, we iteratively transform the initial material interfaces into high-quality surfaces that accurately approximate the problem’s volume fractions. Unlike all previous work, our new method produces material interfaces that are smooth, continuous across cell boundaries, and segment cells into regions with proper volume. These properties are critical during visualization and analysis. Generating high-quality mesh representations of material interfaces is required for accurate calculations of interface statistics, and dramatically increases the utility of material boundary visualizations.