TitleScalable Computation of Streamlines on Very Large Datasets (In Proceedings)
inSC '09: Proceedings of the Conference on High Performance Computing Networking, Storage and Analysis
Author(s) David Pugmire, Hank Childs, Christoph Garth, Sean Ahern, Gunther H. Weber
Keyword(s)parallel computation, streamlines, vector field visualization
Year December 2009
LocationPortland, Oregon
DateDecember 2009
AddressNew York, NY, USA
Abstract Understanding vector fields resulting from large scientific simulations is an important and often difficult task. Streamlines, curves that are tangential to a vector field at each point, are a powerful visualization method in this context. Application of streamline-based visualization to very large vector field data represents a significant challenge due to the non-local and data-dependent nature of streamline computation, and requires careful balancing of computational demands placed on I/O, memory, communication, and processors. In this paper we review two parallelization approaches based on established parallelization paradigms (static de- composition and on-demand loading) and present a novel hybrid algorithm for computing streamlines. Our algorithm is aimed at good scalability and performance across the widely varying computational characteristics of streamline- based problems. We perform performance and scalability studies of all three algorithms on a number of prototypical application problems and demonstrate that our hybrid scheme is able to perform well in different settings.