Websites for Current Grants


We maintain ever-changing websites for all our initiatives related to funding. Below are listed several sites for current funding (and some past funding). All questions on these websites should be addressed to Ken Joy at the address(es) below.

NSF Logo Lagrangian Visualization Methods for Very Large Time-Dependent Vector Field, National Science Foundation, NSF-IIS-0916289, 2009-2012, PI: Ken Joy, co-PI: Christoph Garth
NSF Logo Enhanced Query-Driven Techniques for Uncertainty and Comparative Visualization, National Science Foundation, NSF-IIS-1018097, 2010-2013, PI: Ken Joy, co-PI: Christoph Garth

Contact Information:

Kenneth I. Joy
Director, Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization
Professor, Computer Science Department
University of California
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 Phone: (530) 752-1077
 FAX: (530) 752-4767
 email:  joy at cs dot ucdavis dot edu