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How to model objects in computer graphics!


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General Description of the Course

Geometric Modeling is the field that discusses the mathematical methods behind the modeling of realistic objects for computer graphics and computer aided design. The field was initially developed in the mid-1970s and has evolved as the speed and memory of computer systems has advanced. In these lectures, we examine the mathematics of curve and surface design, the methods of Bézier, B-splines, and subdivision surfaces -- techniques that are in use today throughout the animation and computer aided design world. Enjoy.


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Ken Joy

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How the Lectures are Structured.

These lectures have been segmented into nine units, each of which addresses a topic fundamental to geometric modeling. For the most part, they are composed of short one- to ten-minute lectures, sometimes followed by a short assignment. Several short lectures are focused on supplementary or preliminary material. The units are as follows




These lectures could not have been done without the support of many students at UC Davis, who have debugged the computer graphics and geometric modeling notes since their introduction in 1997. I would also like to thank the students in ECS 178, our undergraduate geometric modeling course, who helped debug the lectures during the fall of 2012. They have helped me learn a lot about this subject.




10/5/2012 -- Posting of three lectures in Unit-2
10/10/2012 -- Posting of three lectures in Unit-2
10/11/2012 -- Completion of Unit 2.
10/20/2012 -- Completion of Unit 3.
10/30/2012 -- Completion of Unit 4.
10/31/2012 -- All Notes for Unit 5, except for Inserting Knots -- complete.
11/8/2012 -- Completion of Unit 5.
11/9/2012 -- Completion of Unit 6.

11/19/2012 -- Completion of Units 7, 8, and 9.
1/15/2013 -- Established as the Geometric Modeling Notes.


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