Ken's Talks

These are links to selected presentations that I have given over the past few years.  Normally, I update these links when someone wants a copy of a talk.  Most of the presentations of my research papers are done by my students and research colleagues.  If you don't see what you need here, please let me know.

"The Crazy Ideas Talk"

Given at the Computer Science Department's Retreat, October 15, 2011. This talk discusses steps that our department can take to become a top-rank department in computer science.

"The Impact of Data Complexity on Scientific Visualization Methods"

This was an invited talk, given at the 2011 SciDAC Conference, held in Denver CO, in July of 2011. Whereas much of the DoE discussions of visualization are driven by advances in high-performance computation, this talk focuses on greater difficulties faced by the ever increasing complexity of our scientific simulation data.

"Thinking Outside the Visualization Box"

Given in Banff, Alberta, Canada, May 25, 2004.  The best solutions to visualization problems may lie outside our "comfort zone."

"How to Give a Professional Talk"

I have given this presentation to many groups, including computer science graduate students, civil engineering graduate students, "future faculty" seminars, professional development groups, and graduate students from UC Davis, UC Berkeley and UC Irvine.  It is the most difficult talk to give, as "one must do as one says."

"Fortune and Glory"

I have given different versions of this talk for over 15 years.  The titles vary, but they all discuss the benefits of going to graduate school.  This one is more aggressive! Enjoy!

"Why Go To Graduate School?"

A slightly different version of the graduate school talk.  This one contains a section on why a student may wish to apply to the Computer Science Graduate Program at UC Davis.

"Distinguished Teaching Award Acceptance Speech"

This talk was given in 1998 and it focuses on the teachers who dramatically influenced my career. Teachers rarely get thanked for the inspiration that they give to others. This is my "Thanks."

"IEEE Visualization 2000 Tutorial Presentation"

This was a presentation that I gave in the IEEE Visualization 2000 tutorial on multiresolution representations.


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