ECS 178

Introduction to Geometric Modeling
Fall, 2012


How to model objects in computer graphics!


Video Lectures and Notes

Final Project



General Description of the Course

ECS 178 is the computer-graphics modeling course in the Computer Science Department at UC Davis. One of the primary difficulties in the computer graphics field is the modeling of realistic objects, and the objective of this course is to help the student learn the basics in this field, as well as apply these modeling concepts to generate a challenging realistic scene. The course will use basic concepts from ECS 175 (a prerequisite), the beginning computer graphics course at UC Davis, and will require both computer science and mathematical knowledge to understand and implement the concepts.

Course Details


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Ken Joy
2079 Academic Surge

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530-752-1077 [It is -much- easier to get me by email.]

Class Times and Locations:

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:50AM, in 290 Hickey Gym.

Office Hours:

12:10-1:30PM, Tuesday and Thursday in 2079 Academic Surge

How the Course is Structured.

This course is composed of ten units, each of which addresses a topic fundamental to geometric modeling. The "lectures" for most units will be on-line, and are composed of short one- to ten-minute lectures, sometimes followed by a short assignment. The class sessions will focus on the project in the course, and supplement the on-line lectures. Several short lectures are focused on supplementary or preliminary material. The units are as follows

The units are designed to take one week, or less during the course. Written notes accompany each on-line lecture.

Thus, the homework for the course will be viewing the on-line lectures and completing the quizzes. The final examination is in the form of a final project. This project is detailed in Unit-10, and will be discussed throughout the in-class lectures.



9/26/2012 -- Initial posting of web pages for the course.
9/27/2012 -- Classes begin.
10/5/2012 -- Posting of three lectures in Unit-2
10/10/2012 -- Posting of three lectures in Unit-2
10/11/2012 -- Completion of Unit 2.
10/20/2012 -- Completion of Unit 3.
10/30/2012 -- Completion of Unit 4.
10/31/2012 -- All Notes for Unit 5, except for Inserting Knots -- complete.
11/8/2012 -- Completion of Unit 5.
11/9/2012 -- Completion of Unit 6.

11/19/2012 -- Completion of Units 7, 8, and 9.


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