ECS 178 -- Geometric Modeling


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Course FAQ

What is the CRN Number for this course? 43902
Is ECS 175 required for this course? Officially, yes. The knowledge required from the computer graphics course is fundamental to the understanding of the geometric modeling area. However, talk to the instructor if you are unsure.
Will we use OpenGL? Yes.
Can we form teams to complete the course assignments? No. The students will each be required to complete the assignments and projects in the course. However, I do insist that you work together to solve the problems (for example, help each other debug code), but what you turn in must be your own work.
Where is Hickey Gym? The course lectures are held in 290 Hickey Gym on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:50AM. Check out the campus map here to find Hickey Gym
Will the course be offered again?

Yes, The course is normally offered every two years.

How many assignments in the course? There will be a number of written and programming assignments in the course. These assignments will help the student learn the basic geometric modeling techniques, as well as prepare them for the final modeling project, required in the course.
Will there be a final exam in the course? No. The final project will serve the purpose of the final exam.
Can we work together on assignments? Yes. We hope to set up a collaborative environment in this class, so that everyone learns from each other. However, the assignments that you submit must be your own work, and not the work of others.
In the past, Professor Joy requires that assignments be complete before they are graded. Will this be the case again? Yes. Partial credit is not given on assignments.
What is the workload in this course? The workload in this course will be substantial.


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