ECS 178 -- Geometric Modeling

Unit 3 -- The Bezier Patch

Patches are just lots of curves glued together


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Unit 3 -- The Bezier Patch

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The Bezier Patch

The Bézier Patch.
Using the methods defined for the Bézier Curve, we can define similar methods for the Bézier Patch.
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Bezier Patches are a continuous set of Bézier Curves.
If we fix one parameter (either u or v) in a patch, we just obtain a Bezier curve.

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A Matrix formulation of the Bézier Patch.
We can expand our Bezier curve matrix formulation to a Bezier patch

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Subdividing a Bézier patch.
As we did with Bezier curves, we can also subdivide a Bezier patch.

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Bezier Patches and OpenGL

OpenGL Stuff How do we define Bézier patches in OpenGL?   Notes Here Exercise1


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