Yuanfeng Zhu

Department of Computer Science at UC Davis

Advised by Professor Bernd Hamann and Professor Michael Neff

Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV)

Office: 2339 Academic Surge, UC Davis

Email: yuazhu@ucdavis.edu


Thanks to Professor Bernd Hamann and Professor Michael Neff, I am trained as a PhD student with interdisciplinary research and programming experience, including:

  • Physics-based simulation of interaction between human and virtual environment
  • Music-driven simulation of human motion, especially on hand motion
  • Collision detection and dynamic response
  • Script-driven facial animation
  • Development of cross-platform animation system
  • Cross-platform and/or Cross-programming language development
  • See this link for what I have done on the above interests: http://graphics.cs.ucdavis.edu/~zhuy/Project.html
  • Other interests include potential projects generally related to human interaction, 3D animation, game, music, physcis.